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What are the Secrets to double your Traffic with Social Media?

  It is found that many businesses are quite conscious of building up their audiences by publishing contents and trying to increase traffic to their websites. However, their approach is appreciable but still, they cannot get everything which they are expecting from the content they had created.   Well, I must say that if you […]


It is found that many businesses are quite conscious of building up their audiences by publishing contents and trying to increase traffic to their websites. However, their approach is appreciable but still, they cannot get everything which they are expecting from the content they had created.  

Well, I must say that if you are quite conscious about your content then you also, have to divert your focus in receiving more traffic from your content (through social media). So how you are going to do that? I’m having a great way to do that you should share your content on the social media more than once. Yes, you heard right. It sounds quite simple, right? Then let us move forward with a hypothetical example. Have a look.

How a social sharing will get double traffic

We usually promote our blog post immediately after we publish it. The moment we share our post with our networks we manage to get certain numbers of likes in our every share. In the above-mentioned chart you can get hypothesis about your post sent to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ immediately after the post is live and the return efforts look quite good. So what will happen if you share your link to that post 2nd time the very next day? Will it grab you double traffic? Well based on the law of diminishing returns, no. This is not what happens during the second round.


But when you manage to share your content for the 3rd time, the traffic for 2nd and 3rd sets of share get combined, that is more than doubles. Of course, this concept is hypothetical and simple but the point here to consider is the more often you manage to share, the more often you receive clicks.  


Now the question which might be arising in your mind is that is it alright to share your content more than once?


Well, sharing the already shared content for multiple times on the social media can trigger you strong reactions. There are some people who really don’t care to share the same content for multiple times on social media but it would be hard to argue with the results you get. A while back I had shared a blog post on social media. Can you image the complaints I received from that?




Well, you should know the reality that no one really cares. And by chance, if they do what is the worst thing going to happen? Seriously we are talking about this? One thing to let you know no one notices everything that we do.


Your followers are not like RSS subscribers who notices and read your every post. In fact, I say that sharing more than once is quite essential for you as to give your audience value that you have promised to them. Probably, is you won’t share your links a few times, they not even go through your updates.


So what is the next question arising in your mind? This can make you a spammer? Well, we have suggestions for that too how to prevent yourself from becoming a spammer.


How to prevent you from getting Spammed?


How to prevent you from getting Spammed?


Follow the following points:


1. Consider your followers: As your social feed for your followers and not for you.

2. Do not convert into a spammer: Prefer creating smart schedule than the crowded one.

3. Follow your own Habit: How to use your social media account? Search what is your spam line and do not cross it.

4.Do not react on what you don’t like: No not react on the other users who is following the same strategy as yours. As their might be other users too who might be following the same strategy.  As you are not the only one who might be thinking in this way. And don’t forget to provide value to your audience.


How to share your content more than once?


Follow these steps


1. Set a sharing schedule


 Set a sharing schedule


For sharing the shared content you obviously have to focus on scheduling if you don’t focus on that then you might fall for spam. So a well-executed schedule will look like as follows:


  • When published: A social message is sent when your post is live.
  • Same day: Your initial social message trickle out of your account over the upcoming 2 to 3 hours.
  • Next day: Your messages are to be shared again in the appropriate social networking sites.
  • Next week: The other series of your messages are to be pre-scheduled and then sent in the following week.
  • Next month: Even more messages are to be pre-scheduled for the following month.
  • Next ——: This might be considered as an option, additional social messages can be pre-scheduled for another three months or beyond.


For having a quick review you can map it like this:


Social Sharing Schedule

2. Avoid sharing the same message again


Avoid sharing the same message again


This is an important step which you should be quite conscious of. This will help you to differentiate you from becoming a spammer. Whenever we share our blog post we always use to mention some message using hashtags which are good no doubt but repeating the same message, again and again, is not correct. You have to be careful about the same. Have a look how can you do that.


The above is an example to show you how you can make your post.


3. Optimize your Content


 Optimize your Content


It becomes quite necessary to optimize your content. And this can be done if you take the advantage of your connections. For example, let us consider Google+. The posts which are made on Google+ are inserted with bullet points. This can help you to make your points stand out of the others. And if we consider the posts on Twitter which contain images are much noticeable. This a simple trick to get more notice for your posts.


4. Invigilate your Results


Invigilate your Results


Monitoring your performance is always the focused task one should never avoid. So what are the things which you should monitor? Consider the following:

  • Changes made in post activity may be increased or decreased.
  • Feedback from your audience may be positive or negative.
  • Fading in your content’s quality.


Wrapping words


These were some of the social media secrets which you need to consider so that to double the traffic for your contents.

Hope you will find this blog interesting. Share your views on this post and can follow us on Marketmongoose for further ideas.

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