What are the Latest SEO Trends one should Focus in 2017?

SEO is one of the factors which plays a vital role in the upliftment of every business. Usually, it is termed as the volatile industry as it various changes taking place in the algorithm of Google. As we all know that the algorithm which is set for the running month may not to be the […]

SEO is one of the factors which plays a vital role in the upliftment of every business. Usually, it is termed as the volatile industry as it various changes taking place in the algorithm of Google. As we all know that the algorithm which is set for the running month may not to be the same for the next time. It is evolving regularly which assures that all the SEO specialists should stay on the tip to modify and develop with the updates.

Now with the developing business demand, it is quite necessary to look into the latest SEO trends. In consideration of the SEO changes of 2016, we all are now ready to improve the SEO performance of 2017.

Let’s check out some points on the same.




1. Go for the Rich Answers


It is still important to aim for receiving the top position with your targeted keywords in the Google search result. And now the time has come to develop for the rich answers. These results are among those result which appears in the top organic search result.


Go for the Rich Answers

The initial point is quite essential to look in. As to get the rich answers it is important to get the top rank. For this, you have to optimize your rich answers as this will for sure optimize your keywords. Further, this will escalate your chance to get the top ranking in the Google search results.


2. Go through other Google featured content


For following the above point you need to be conscious for Mozcast Google Feature review. This includes different types of contents which are featured in the Google results. If we talk about the rich answers then here they are noted as the “featured snippets”.

Videos and images are other well-known ways which can receive a cut through in SERPs. You have to check out which search terms are essential for your business.

Go through other Google featured content


3. Develop users engagements


Develop users engagements


Users engagements are one of the inevitable points which marketers cannot neglect, as it is one of the important ranking factors. This can cover the bounce rate, pogo sticking, average time spent on the site and others.

If your aim is towards conversion, then it is the proven factor which determines the effectiveness of your page elements. And this is the reason why your visitors commit to your CTA. Sometimes, due to the lack of supporting data, it becomes difficult to scale the search engines. You can consider the user’s engagement as an indirect influence in the search rankings.

It is such a factor which every website owner has to optimize if they are serious about receiving more from their SEO efforts.

Now the question arises that how one can get ranking with the user’s engagements?

To help you on the same you can make use of tools which will help you to know insights. Insights, let you know about the visitor’s interactions on your site. Heat mapping is the term which may strike your mind at first. The concept involved here is that the number of clicks a page posses from its link, the more users interact.  

You have to look which links are clicked the least and most by your users and accordingly, you can work on improving your CTA. Also, try to focus on the areas which obstacles your viewer’s engagements and which part was responsible for getting the maximum engagements.


4. Optimization of Mobile App


In today’s world, the mobile advertising and marketing are growing. It is so big, that it become difficult to even for Google to figure out how to afford better search results for the mobile users. The website owners are compelled to designs their website so that it is mobile friendly. They have to look into the downloading speed for mobiles. As the faster downloading speed will increase the chance to retain many visitors.


Optimization of Mobile App


According to eMarketer’s, spending on mobile ads is of great interest. And soon Google will play a crucial role towards delivering content for the mobile users. If we consider the use of mobile and dollars paid for the ads every year, you can find the rush to reach people through their mobile phones.   

Well, App Indexing is the recent development that can create a great impact on your site ranking. Originally, apps are not indexed on Google search, they are indexed on Google Play and App Store.


5. New search guidelines of Google


New search guidelines of Google


A new search guidelines of 160 pages for Google is released. The previous one was the reaction of leaked versions of ‘2008’, ‘2011’ and ‘2012’.

Now let us talk about the takeaways from the above guidelines.

“You have to focus more on the mobile usability for your website and establish yourself as an influencer in your own niche. You have to become the expert and gain all the knowledge of your industry which can help you in gaining the trust of users.


Over to you


To become the best among all, SEO is the weapon to succeed. And mobile advertising is playing a supporting role for this. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same.

Let’s share your thoughts on this blog post. And do follow our blog on MarketMongoose for more such updates.  

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