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The 4 Step Guide to Reap Free Leads from YouTube

Why generate free Leads from YouTube? Yeah, the answer is well-known! YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. The opportunities are GIGANTIC and it’s pretty untapped. It provides a vast opportunity for brands to effectively promote their products and services to the worldwide audience. Video is a type of content that’s enduring to rise […]

Why generate free Leads from YouTube? Yeah, the answer is well-known! YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. The opportunities are GIGANTIC and it’s pretty untapped. It provides a vast opportunity for brands to effectively promote their products and services to the worldwide audience. Video is a type of content that’s enduring to rise in popularity. It can be a great add-on to your content tactic especially since it drives a fresher and more varied audience. Around one billion unique users browse YouTube every month, according to YouTube. And moreover, thousands of channels are making six figures a year. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this huge market.

Unlike the other social networking platforms, organic traffic on YouTube lasts for years and years.

Have a look:

A post on Facebook is significant for how long? Maybe a day!

And a Tweet? Probably an hour.

But a YouTube video, indeed, can last for years, continuing to drive brand latest, warm traffic daily.

Usually the leads turn out into sales, and that is what every business needs to survive in the tough competition.

Imagine adding up 100000s and more leads to your business!

Now, imagine not paying even a single penny for these leads!

Now stop imagining all this, because it’s actually possible!!!

Here is the 4 step formula that can fuel your business, so let’s get into it!

If you strictly stick and remain stable with the below steps, you can see a significant leap in traffic from YouTube within a month for sure.

STEP 1: Perform YouTube Keyword Research

Being an efficient and smart marketer, it’s crucial to deliver the perfect solution to a crunch for a market. People may search for different-different keywords to look for their needs, so the marketers must meet their problems by providing the best possible solution.

Initially, write down what exactly is your business all about a comprehensive subject! Then find out by surveying what your potential customers or the targeted market may write in Google or YouTube while searching for the remedy for their pain point. Next, list out the top answers, and remove out the words that are not relevant to the keywords. These top keywords from the created list are known as the Bracelet Keywords.

Now type in the bracelet keywords in the YouTube. As you type in the keyword, there comes an automated list of the suggestions below the YouTubes search bar. This function is known as Google Autocomplete, and it offers a prophecy of what you’re looking for depending on the popularity and relevance of the previous user searches.

Now, make a final list of all of the Autocomplete suggestions from your bracelet keywords, which your target market is looking for. Now, use each of the keywords for giving the titles for videos. Have at least one video for each keyword in the list of the Autocomplete recommendations.

Before uploading the video on YouTube, make sure to add keywords in:

  • Headline
  • Description
  • Video Tags

STEP 2: Opt These 3 Points to Provide Quality YouTube Content

Last year, YouTube tweaked their algorithm. Now, the video suggestion are no longer based on the video getting more clicks, rather it is now based on the watch time. Tweaking the algorithm, YouTube smoothed the pitch for people to strive with larger brands, channels and businesses. Earlier, the YouTube gave a higher ranking to the channels with the more amounts of traffic to a fresh video.

But today, it’s all about content competition, gone are the days when traffic competition was crucial!

If you frequently deliver the best quality content for your potential customers, you will indeed get good amount of traffic, because it’s the watch time that will beat your competitors.

Consider these 3 tips to provide the quality content on YouTube:

Tip 1: Focus on ONE keyword in a video.

If you’re making a video for the benefit of your target and potential customers, provide the best and relevant quality content. For instance if you’re making a video for keyword SEO tips for beginners, then directly speak out on the subject of SEO tips for beginners. Doing this, whenever a person searches for the SEO tips for beginners, he/she will get that video, and by clicking it, getting the relevant solution to what he/she was looking for, will make him/her watch the complete video, thus increasing the watch time.

NOTE: It’s not about making people click on the video, it’s all about how long you make them stay there!!!

Tip 2: Consider the video length.

Video length plays a crucial role. The video must be long enough to deliver the significance, but should be short sufficient to keep the interest of the viewers. The video must provide the relevant value and content like techniques, tips or tricks. And don’t complicate the video by over editing it.

Tip 3: Be consistent.

Be consistent in what you’re posting. Make a schedule when you’ll be posting your videos and stick to it.

STEP 3: Don’t Focus on Number of Views! Rather, Turn Them to Leads

YouTube lets people to add annotations to uploaded videos. Annotations are the links inserted into the video that drives users to the other site. They are especially used to boost the user engagement, deliver more information, and help with navigation. Basically, they’re the clickable text overlays on YouTube videos. This is one of the finest ways to convert prospects into the leads. You can use annotations to embed your call to action into your video. For instance, you can put an annotation in the video saying, Click here to sign up for free SEO tips.

Annotations are an ideal conversion strategy as they effectively add diversity to your videos and offer links without letting the viewers feel like you’re attempting to market to them. Annotations are something that makes YouTube very effective. Using the clickable annotations one can ask the viewers to take different actions to assist your channel and business growth.

Adding annotation means that when people will click on it, they’ll visit your website or the landing page directly. For clickable annotations, you’ve to set up a Related website. You just have to add your main domain to YouTube, then automatically all the pages in that domain will be considered as an associated or related website.

Follow these 2 tips to optimize the annotations to make the most-

Tip 1: 10 in, 10 out. That is, 20% Annotation

 Consider an example if the video is 3min, or say 180 seconds long, then show the annotation at the starting 18seconds and the ending 18seconds. This lets the viewer enjoy the content and sufficient time to take some action if they choose. Make sure the annotations occupy only 20% of the entire video!

Tip 2: Consider ONE

Show only annotation at a time, don’t confuse the viewer by asking to take more than one action at a time. Give viewers a significant reason to click the annotation and visit the website, as this can greatly help the website to get lots of traffic, as well as leads into the business. It’ll ultimately enhance the organic traffic reach.

STEP 4: Give an Influential Call-to-Action

Provide a verbal calls to action, or CTA at the end of every video, instructing the viewer to take some specific actions. Nowadays, the verbal CTAs are very influential in regards to the development of your channel, and converting views into leads.

At the end, ask them to like and comment on the video, by asking them, What else you would like to see? By asking such question, you can know the audiences actual pain points, and according you can create videos for better video engagement. It is one of the effective market research strategy. Yet even better, the response and engagement from the video comments will greatly increase your video ranking. In every video, the last CTA must be a click to the lead generation annotation.

There are lots of opportunity YouTube offers, which can’t and shouldn’t be missed at any cost to reap quality traffic to the business!

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