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Everything you need to know about Social Media Takeover

Many of us had put months or may be years of efforts for your social accounts which are well known as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. You had done a lot to fine-tune your content strategy, had the perfect brand voice, build up a strong relationship with your customers and followers. But now the time […]

Many of us had put months or may be years of efforts for your social accounts which are well known as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. You had done a lot to fine-tune your content strategy, had the perfect brand voice, build up a strong relationship with your customers and followers.

But now the time has come to hand over your account to someone else. Hey! Don’t get panic, not forever. It’s about social media takeover. Well, social media takeover is an act of inviting someone who can take over your social media account for the certain period of time. So now let’s just see what are the advantages social media takeover. This will provide some positive points to you. To agree with us.

Advantages of Social Media Takeover

  • Build your Brand : You can consider social media takeover as a third party endorsement. Hosting a social media takeover can help you to set an example of your social media voice.
  • Reach new audience : The thing is best of social media takeover is that it can be considered as the joint effort of both the parties. As both parties have their own audiences, so a teaming up concept is developed and you can find new followers.
  • Get web traffic : This is done capitalizing the attention which a takeover is generating. Then attracting people from the different social media platform to their website.
  • Increase engagement : The social media takeover is all about presenting a quality content so that to get the engagements of the audience. No matter whether it is a series of photos posted on Instagram or any question and series on Twitter.

So what will be your plan for the launch of social media takeover? Let’s see.

Plans to launch the social media takeover

Plans to launch the social media takeover

1. Set your goal for takeover

Set your goal for takeover

Setting a goal for your social media takeover is an essential part. As without this, there is no reason to hand over your account to someone else. Also, you won’t be benefited from this vital approach. And I must say that with no doubt you will get an excellent result for this approach if and only if is executed with certain planning. The advantages which are mentioned in my above paragraphs are the best goals which you can aim. You can pick any one or two of them and target your focus on that. And be sure that the one who is to take over your social accounts should be aware of your goal and aim what you have expected.

2. Search for a relevant host

Search for a relevant host

Before you move on let me inform you that the takeover is good when your host is good who takeovers your accounts. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is, as you will get a plenty of options to opt for. Let’s have a look on some of them :

  • Celebrity takeover : We all very well know about the followers list of celebrities, right? They are the ideal choice for a takeover. To make you more sure I would like to inform you that a music streaming service Tidal had recently hosted one on Twitter with rapper Pusha T. Have a look.

  • Influencer Takeover : Well, just having a big celebrity name is not relevant for your brand. You need to host a takeover who is having the relevant following on social media whom your targeted audience admire or trust. Well, let’s talk about Eddie Bauer regularly hand over his Instagram account to the influencers. These influencers are the one who is having a large following just making beautiful posts of photos. Have a look.


  • Employee takeover : Well, as my suggestion, it is better to let your own employees take over the wheel for an hour or two instead of allowing someone from outside the company. Let’s discuss Flowers for Dreams which is a Chicago-based company, sells and delivers bouquets of flowers which is providing a quarter of profits to the local charity. The CEO and the co-founder of the company have recently given the company’s Snapchat to everyone who is working at Flowers for Dreams to access for a day. They got a huge attention from their followers as they were asking questions and the company answered back to them. Have a look.

  • Followers or customers takeovers : The alternate method which you can opt is follower’s or customer’s takeover.  This will provide you an option to source a user-generated contents which will allow your followers to share their thoughts, photos, and opinions in front of a large audience. The Calgary Stampede invited its Insta followers to post pics using hashtag #InstaStampede. Thus providing takeover of its official account for one day. This was done during the annual 10-day event also the winners were to get the passes for the main events.


3. Choose any format

Choose any format

The format which you choose (any social media platform which you choose to execute) should be directly linked to what you wish to achieve. Like mentioned below:

  • Facebook takeover
  • Twitter takeover
  • Snapchat takeover
  • Instagram takeover

It rarely matters what social media platform you are choosing. The only thing which you should consider is providing contest element to your social takeover. And prefer giving away something to your followers at the end. This will draw the attention of people and they will be encouraged to participate.


But his doesn’t mean that you should avoid the security tips.  You have to learn to make mutual benefits, set clear expectations, learn to let it go, etc. And then only you can get benefits out of that. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same.

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