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These Are The Top Paying Side Hustles You Can Start Today.

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Side hustles ah, No one can go off from this because this is a leverage source of income through which you can take off your life on to the next level. After the covid-19 pandemic, lots of side hustle opportunities come into the market and in this article, I am going to share some of the top-paying side hustle to start today.

A side hustle is the most reputable way to fulfill your demands without hurting your bank balance. You can do a lot more things from a side hustle work like Paying off your debt, saving a bit more for your next Adventurous trip, or having an awesome night party with your friends.

In simple words, a side hustle is an extra source of income for your heavy expenditure, and also for solving your money problems like paying your rent, and debt, cultivating your Financial dreams, and so on. That’s why I love hustling because it refines my skills, helps me to find my dream job, reduces clashes with my home mates, and makes my life Boss free.

You can say that Side hustles are the work that pays you for your talent whether it’s sewing, teaching, reading, or anything else because you can sell any of your talents which save peoples time, add some value to their life or make the task easier for them.

What are the benefits of a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a way to make money apart from your 9 to 5 job. It pays for the skills you have, it helps you pursue your dreams with no stress. It gives you the freedom to live your life without limiting your expenses.

There are many benefits of a side hustle especially when you are struggling with your finances.

  • Pay your debt faster.
  • Give your dreams a fly.
  • Achieve work-life balance.
  • Have some more money to Save and Invest.
  • Save some extra pennies for the future.
  • Helps master your skills.
  • Start a million-dollar business with this.
  • Achieve a Boss free life.

So, without making you more curious to know about these Top Paying Side hustles, let’s begin…

#1. Proofreading

Proofreading with Laptop
Photo by Katelyn from Pexels

Average Earning: $25/hour

Proofreading is all about making an article or a document error-proof whether it’s a grammatical error or spelling mistake.


A Proofreader performs a final check to ensure that the work going to be published is free of Grammatical errors and Spelling mistakes.

Proofreading is not for everyone because its a super detailed work and it needs your willpower and attention because a single mistake can waste your hard work. You also need to be super focused when performing proofreading. Being a Proofreader you must have great attention to detail and also be willing to communicate with the writer if not sure about anything.

If a Proofreader has a hard time reading and understanding an article then it’s possible that the reader will too and because a Proofreader’s work is full and final for being published, the article must be 100% accurate and error-free.

As it seems Proofreading is an art of finding and correcting errors so this work is best for those who are in College or School because they are regular in their studies and they can find any error faster than a beginner level person.

An experienced Proofreader can charge from $20 to $45 an hour based on their skills and years of experience and the volume of work. Assuming a reading of 2500 to 3000 words an hour a proofreader earns an average of $30 to $35 in the U.S.

As per Glassdoor reports, an average Proofreader in the United States earns about $43,478 per year and that’s a very decent amount of money for any side hustler.

A Proofreader annual salary in the United States based on Glassdoor Reports.
source: Glassdoor, The salaries above figured is an average value of 333 salaries mentioned on Glassdoor.

Steps to become a professional Proofreader.

If you have a well-focused mind and good command of English Grammar then you can start Proofreading as a side hustle and if it goes right then you can convert it into a full-time business.

  • Brainstorm if this is a better field for you.
  • Figure out your topic.
  • Get training and learn the rules.
  • Set Your Proofreading rates.
  • Find a perfect proofreading job based on your expertise.

you can find proofreading jobs on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Flex Jobs, and Edit 911.

#2. Graphic Designing

A Person sitting on a chair doing Graphic Designing.
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Average Earning: $46k/year

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content like Illustrations or Billboards, using images, typography, colors, or symbols to convey the message to the world.


Graphic Designing is the best way to show your creativity with your artwork. If you are thinking of pursuing your career in Graphic design, then you get to specify your creative skills as per your interest and experience.

A Graphic designer can move a business from the floor to the top with his/her visionary power and artwork. There are a lot of fields where companies are looking for a sharp-minded Graphic designer like Ad agencies, Marketing firms, Non-profit Organizations, Workshops.

As a Graphic designer, you tend to be careful at every point of your work either choosing a color, specifying typography, or detailing an image. You also have better coordination with the latest technologies and software.

What do a Graphic Designer do?

  • Design Logo for companies.
  • Create Layouts for Apps and Websites.
  • Give detailing to a Billboard for Brand awareness.
  • Print Magazine and Book Covers.
  • Create Advertisements or commercials.
  • Design Characters for Games and Cartoons.

Skills needed to be the best Graphic Designer

  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Be a pro in software like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Need some basic coding knowledge.
  • You need to be creative.
  • Better Understanding of User behavior.
  • Understanding of Colors and Typography.
  • Also, have Presentation skills.

If you decided to jump into graphic designing and are sure about building a career in it, you might not wonder about knowing its earning potential. If we talk about the average salary of a graphic designer then it’s around $19/hour. As you know earning depends upon your work and experience. So, learn the skills needed in Graphic designing and build a better future.

#3. Start Dropshipping

Drop-Shipping business model with products.
Image source: Freepik

Earning: $150-$5000/month

Dropshipping is a retail type order fulfillment business model that doesn’t require an inventory to sell products.


Dropshipping is a supply chain management method that doesn’t require more physical effort in storing or managing inventory. Its module is very simple in terms of retail business because as a single person you don’t need to put your effort and wealth into shipping, managing, storing, and packaging products. Instead, when a customer purchases a product from your online store, they indirectly purchase the item from the manufacturer or the wholesaler and they are going to deliver products to the customer.

As Dropshipping sounds very familiar,

There are lots of benefits of starting a dropshipping business,

  • It requires less capital to start.
  • Very easy to set up your store and get started.
  • It is scalable as well as flexible.
  • Wide range of products to sell.
  • Very easier to manage.
  • You can start it from your home.

As of my experience, Dropshipping is one of the best side hustles to get started today. If you don’t want to stick between the variety of options to start a side business then you can go with Dropshipping.

Keeping your Risk lower you can start dropshipping along with your Passion. Do you love pets then you can start selling pet care equipment, pet foods, and so on? If you are deeply attached to technology then you can sell Gadgets, smartphones, VR devices, and many more. When you are a female with pride you can sell beauty products and also grow an audience on social media.

After reading all the stuff you are also getting curious to know about how much a drop shipper makes? Well, it depends on how much effort you put into your business, also on which types of products you are selling, and also on your working and marketing strategy. But if we talk about an average income of a drop shipper then it’s anywhere from $150 to $5000 per month.

You see that dropshipping is a perfect side business to start, then you might not hesitate in spending some bucks into it, so if you decided to jump into it, simply start with Shopify, because it’s very simple to use and also have great tools for beginners. Start Dropshipping Now.

#4. Start a Podcast

A stand-alone podcasting mic.
Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

Average Earning: $40/hour

A podcast is an audio file recorded by the creator on a specific topic or about his own opinion and makes it publicly available for listening and downloading via the internet.


Podcasting is now booming in 2022, Everyone from a YouTuber to an entrepreneur to a Unicorn business wants to get into it. As Podcasting continues to increase in popularity everyone is joining the growing industry with the hope of monetizing their content.

Starting a Podcast as a side business is a great idea because it is very exciting and also rewarding. Nowadays more and more people are listening to podcasts and the number of people is growing each and every day. Not only people are listening more creators are also joining this field and creating content on a regular basis. As per a report, there are currently 1.6 million shows and almost 40 million episodes out there.

It is clear that this is a growing industry which means even a small creator can make a good amount of money from this. In this growing industry advertisers and marketers are also looking for a specific creator to promote their business and this is the most popular way of making money from a podcast. Not only this way, but you can also make money by crowdfunding, selling your merchandise, or with affiliate marketing.

Podcast setup

If you are final about starting a podcast you can start by submitting your podcast on big platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  • Choose a topic of your Podcast and give it a name.
  • Pick the format of your shows and episodes.
  • Set up your studio ( purchase equipment).
  • Go with catchy cover artwork.
  • Record your intro and Outro
  • Record your first Podcast.
  • Publish it on Apple and Spotify.
  • Market your Podcast smartly and effectively.

#5. Join Focus Groups

People participated in Focus Groups discussing together.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Average Earning: $150/hour

A Focus group is a group of people who has similar backgrounds in terms of opinion, interests, and age primarily selected to take participate in a discussion about a product or an upcoming event.


Joining a Focus group is a good idea for making money for a while but I wouldn’t recommend taking this as a serious side hustle. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pay you well either sometimes joining a focus group rewards your $1000 dollar for your time but literally sometimes. But you can consider joining a focus group when you have free time or have nothing to do.

As you know Focus groups are designed especially for taking people’s opinions and thoughts about a product or a service. Focus group discussions are normally held in physical locations but sometimes they can be held online.

Focus groups offer a decent amount of money on behalf of your opinion and time, also this itself be very rewarding where your opinion matters and companies respect your thoughts. On average you can make around $100 – $200 for a discussion but you can make even more if your opinion seems more valuable to them.

There are many types of research where you can participate, but in most cases, it shall be testing a product. There are also other categories such as sharing your thought about a specific feature of a car, or about a missing feature in a smartphone. The option is unlimited, only you have to make your choice.

#6. Become a Virtual Assistant

A perfect VIrtual Assistant graphic.
Image source: Freepik

Average Earning: $19.36/hour

A virtual assistant is a person who performs administrative tasks for a business or an organization from a remote location.


Thinking of becoming a virtual assistant then you are right because this is one of the most in-demand side hustle opportunities out there. Its popularity is growing day-to-day because of a lucrative payout and working efficiency.

Being a Virtual assistant you can work from your own space with some basic digital equipment. As there are more and more businesses going online they are seeking people who help them run their business and this is a great opportunity for you if you are a technology geek and also have the skill of communication.

A Virtual Assistant helps businesses in many ways like being tech and customer support for that company, and also providing a handful of Administrative Services including making Phone calls, managing Social Media accounts, managing Email accounts, updating Calendars, Scheduling Appointments, and a lots more as needed.

Companies offer a lucrative amount to a virtual assistant if he/she is doing a variety of work. You can also set your own rate for selected services you are offering to them. Even though a virtual assistant makes at least $2900 per month from the comfort of his own home.

#7. Become an Influencer

A social media influencer facing camera.
Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

Average Earning: $100k/year

Influencers are the people who have built their authority(brand) based on their knowledge and expertise in a specific field.


In the era of Social Media, everyone is an influencer. It’s very common to see people with 1000 or 10000 followers on social media platforms and they can also lead to decent money by promoting brands and their products.

Becoming an influencer especially a social media influencer is not hard or tricky, and because of this over a decade and so becoming an influencer is treated as a career, and there is nothing to worry about because it rewards you very well with less effort (sometimes more than a professional 9 to 5 job) because this is one of the top-paying sides hustle to start today.

As an influencer, you can even make more than your working family member, and all thanks to apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. If you have at least 1000 followers on Instagram you are able to make $500 in a month. Influencers who have at least 10000 followers in a targeted niche can expect between $40,000 – $1,00,000 per year and if you have followers in millions, then nothing can stop you from becoming a millionaire in a year.

If you are thinking of becoming a social media influencer you need to know the points to be successful in this crowded industry.

Steps to become a successful Influencer.

  • Choose a Topic (based on your knowledge, skill, interest, or Passion).
  • Select your Platform (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, …)
  • Schedule your Posts.
  • Write a meaningful Bio ( Tipwrite what they are going to get here)
  • Understand your Audience.
  • Write meaningful captions with relevant Hashtags.
  • Be Regular and Consistent.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Start collaborating with Brands.

#8. Domain Reselling

Domain reselling business.
Source: Freepik

Earning: $100k+/year

Domain reselling is an activity of buying and selling a domain name at a higher price for profit because of its uniqueness.



Domain flipping is another side hustle that you must give a try. It is one of the most lucrative side hustles that pay you thousands of dollars on behalf of just 8 to 10 bucks. Sometimes it’s more profitable than being an owner of a small business.

If you are a teenager and have some dollars to spend then you can consider investing them in Domain names. Investing in domain names is the easiest side hustle work for you and it’s also very profitable. Nothing can give your more than a 1000% return on your investment.

Before you start thinking about it and its profit you might be surprised after hearing about these domain names likes “,,,,”, and many more like this sold in Millions whose original costs are just $10, but here are some key points for selling your domain names in millions.

  • Choose Domain name thinking of future demand.
  • Choose a good domain registrar.
  • Search for a domain name that’s worth buying.
  • Evaluate that domain name (keep it short and memorable)
  • Register that domain name.
  • List that in an auction or in a marketplace.
  • Set a relevant price for that domain name.
  • Try to convince the buyer to purchase at a higher price.
  • Don’t be too greedy and don’t be in hurry.

#9. Become a Freelance Writer

A freelancer writer writing an article on Laptop.
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Average Earning: $150/post

A freelance writer is a writer who works for money without being employed by a company or an organization from his own space.


Freelance writing is one of the favorite side hustles of many of the hustlers because it pays you well, you can set your own rates, no time restrictions, and also you can work from anywhere in the world.

Freelance writing is a dream work for those who don’t have time to do professional work like consulting or managing social media account. It also doesn’t require a fancy degree of writing, but it requires a good knowledge of that specific field about what you are writing.

If you are a teenager then this is the perfect side work for you and it pays very well as mentioned above, believes me, if you are a well fit for this profession you can make more than $70,000 per yearIf you have ever worked as a freelance writer before, then you can take it to the next level by setting your own rates like $300 per post, and businesses or site owners may not hesitate to pay you this amount.

Everyone knows that this is an easy side hustle to make a good amount of money every day but still most of the people fail in it and you too should not fail in this, you need to know the key points to become successful in this.

Begin your writing journey.

  • Select your topic wisely (in which you have good knowledge).
  • Improve your English grammar.
  • Write some demo article on that topic (proof of your expertise).
  • Build your portfolio as a professional writer.
  • Learn from the experts.
  • List yourself as a writer on Freelancing sites (Upwork, or Fiverr).
  • Set your own rates (keep low in beginning).
  • Promote yourself everywhere.

#10. Become a Personal Trainer

A male trainer training a lady girl.
Source: Pexels

Average Earning: $49k/year

Personal trainers are the people who are certified in fitness demonstrating that they have achieved a level to help people in achieving their fitness goals.


Becoming a personal trainer is not easy at all, because you also have to be perfect in every field of fitness from Diet to Weight loss. This is one of the top-paying side hustles if you have that skill and you are training a celebrity-like person. On the other side, it also requires hard work and training because you need to be certified to train people at a higher cost. Without certification, almost no one going to believe that you are a good choice as their personal fitness trainer.

A personal trainer is overall a good choice for making money in your spare time as you have to train people for a specific time period. Although you can charge a good amount of fee for private training like $40-$50 per hour, and if you have clients from cities like Los Angeles, or New York you can slightly charge a higher price something between $70-$80 per hour.

There are many other ways a personal trainer can make money like selling your own Nutritional products and merchandise. Bit if you are a beginner in this field, first you have to build a loyal customer base and to prove yourself that you are a good choice for them as a personal trainer. As all this all completed and you are stable, you can change it in a full-time business like opening your own Gym and launching a chain of your Nutritional products like Protein powder and Shakes.

Right approach to start a profitable side hustle.

So, you have decided to start a side hustle from your home to make money online, and also we have ended with the best ideas for your side hustle. So for your ease, we have noted down the right way for starting a side hustle today.

1. Note down what you have an interest in.

First of all, you have to make a list of your favorite side hustle in which you have some interest because you have to do it regularly in your free time and this will be after your day job and it takes your energy and needs lots of motivation to stay stick with your work. so carefully brainstorm your side hustle which you love to do. Apart from the above-listed ideas, you can also go with your hobbies.

2. Schedule your timing for your side hustle.

After sorting your list of side hustles ideas you have to choose the proper timing for your side hustle work. Having a day job sometimes makes it hard to pull out the right time for work. So you need to choose a proper time, like when you are free from the workload and ready to concentrate on your work.

3. Don’t leave your day job when you’re just starting.

Making a side hustle profitable you need to be focused on your work because it takes dedication to pay you off. It doesn’t mean that you should leave your job for your side hustle because the reality is that no one way of making money online is going to pay you in just a month. So you have to do this along with your job until it’s paying you more than your day job.

4. Start that work first in which you have some interest and a set of skill and knowledge.

If you are selecting your side hustle just because of your interest then you are digging a well in the desert. For making people satisfied with your work you need some knowledge about that topic.

5. Invest some penny if it’s worth investing.

Some of these side hustles needs some investment because you need some ingredients to get started with that side hustle. For example, you need to start a podcast then it’s worth investing some bucks in buying a good microphone.

6. Get Started as early as possible.

A side hustle is not going to pay you in just two or three months it takes time to settle down and pay you a good amount of money. Thinking of that you have a lot of time to start your side hustle work then you are just hoping to get results. Starting your side hustle early leads to many benefits like you can try some other ideas, and you also have time to improve your skill.

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