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8 Very Low-Cost Business Ideas With High-Profit Margins.

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Setting up a business can be expensive and time taking but it doesn’t mean you can’t start a business without Angel Investors. In fact, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who have started their journey with just $100, and now their businesses are worth Millions. If not satisfies with this argument, take a look at one of the best business booksThe $100 Startup, where Chris mentioned thousands of people who have started their businesses with equal to or less than $100 and now making more than $50,000, and so you can too.

Believe it or not, there are tons of business ideas that need very little money to start and can make you a millionaire. Therefore we have sorted out 8 best business ideas with tons of micro business ideas in it that you can start today without much investment and can give you a nice return.

So, let’s get deeper into it.

1. Online Teaching and Course Selling.

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels
  • Ease of Starting: 7.5/10
  • Avg. Earning: $10 – $50 per hour
  • Asscebility: 9.5/10

What you have learned so far in your life can be sold in the form of online courses. It’s not a joke, because there are people who are teaching their skills to others via online platforms, and today it’s become more easier and cost-effective.

Let me explain,

During COVID people stop gathering and hence it affects in-person study because in schools and colleges you have to gather to study, so for precautions, people start teaching online via online platforms like Teachable, Coursera, Skillshare, Thinkific, and many more. But online study is not limited to just Schools and Colleges, it became more popular, and skilled people started sharing their skills via these platforms, like Cooking, Pet care, Crafting and so much more.

Let’s conceptualize, If you have any skill or something you are passionate about, believe me, you can sell that skill via online teaching platforms in form of courses or one on one coaching classes. It doesn’t matter how old are you, and how you have gained those skills, if you have the proper knowledge of that particular thing then you can convert your passion into a thriving business.

There are tons of things you can teach people via these online platforms. Some of the most popular things like Web Development, Language, Business, Finance, Spirituality, Marketing, Yoga, Fitness and Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition, Arts and Crafts, Management and Leadership, Public speaking, and Entrepreneurship.

If still, you are not sure about it then look at these success stories Mina Irfan, and Jade Weatherington.

And yeah, Online teaching is growing at a massive scale because of its accessibility (literally you can access your course from anywhere in the world), and this is the best time to get started.

There are so many well-known online platforms out there but which one is right for you is based on your theme. But for beginners, UDEMY and THINKIFIC is the right choice to get their step out.

Start with udemy

Start with thinkific

2. Start a money-making BLOG.

Photo by Fikret tozak on Unsplash

An Ultimatemate way of making money from the comfort of your home and Bank Balance. Creating and monetizing a blog is one of the best ways to make money online but you have to treat it like a business for better results.

Let’s define it,

Blogging is all about writing articles on those topics that you have the proper knowledge of and you are passionate about and yeah all this can be done for free of cost on platforms like Blogger and Wix but, this is not what you are looking for because the goal of this article is to find low-cost business ideas.

So, let’s take a look again at blogging but from the perspective of business.

It’s about Creating a blog that aims to help people with your knowledge and Experience. Blogging as a business is not just about creating a blog and starting to write about what you know or love to do. it’s about making a consistent and growing income on behalf of your Knowledge, Time, Skill, Hard Work, and Dedication. Blogging is about writing articles but You need to write articles that add some value to people’s life (so that you can monetize your visitors through those articles) and you can also sell some kind of services, coaching classes, and your own products through your blog. You need to treat your blog like a business so that you can convert your visitors into customers, or can monetize your visitors through Advertisements or Affiliate Marketing.

Look, This might seems very fascinating but it might be challenging for newbies because it requires some set of skills like Seo, Content Writing, Marketing, and some technical work to make things possible. But if you are absolutely new to this then read these 2 guides, first, How to start your Blog, and second, How to make money with your Blog.

Once you have learned the basics of starting a blog, now you can actually make money with your blog by writing on your topic of Interest or Knowledge. If you are not sure about where to start then following your hobby is a good option.

Well, there are lots of topics that can make you can create your blog around.

  • Technology, where you can write about the latest tech news, review gadgets, or promote high-end tech products.
  • Personal Finance, where you can write your making, saving, spending, and investing money, review financial tools, and Credit Cards.
  • Health and Wellness, where you can write or share your own experience of staying healthy.
  • Pets, People love pets, and you can make money by advising pet foods, and other different per accesserios.
  • Food and Recipies, where you can share different recipes, and review various kitchen equipment like Microwave, Oven, and more.
  • Personal Development, where you can teach people how to stay motivated, build confidence, and Mindfullness.

and, many, many, and many More……

But the good thing about starting a money-making blog is you can set all things up to make real money for a total of JUST $35.40 for a full year which includes HostingDomain Name (costs $10, for FREE), SSL CertificateBusiness Emails, and much more. After you have set up your money-making Blog then you can monetize your traffic and make money from a variety of sources like Ads, Sponsorships, Subscriptions, Affiliate Marketing, Product Sales, Product Reviews, and many more.

Blogging can be fun but first, you have to learn its basics. It is an ultimate, Low-Risk, High Reward, and fascinating business idea.

Start Your Money Making Blog Today

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3. Buying and Selling Domain Names

4. Start a Dropshipping Business.

You are here, the ultimate way of running an eCommerce business without the products or any physical involvement. You read it right “running an eCommerce store without your own product or inventory”. Sounds good, let’s explore.

Dropshipping is one the most lucrative lost cost and high-profit business ideas. It is basically an online

5. Start an Event Planning Business.

6. Start a Podcast.

7. Start Freelancing.


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