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15 Quick & Easy Ways To Earn PayPal Money Instantly

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Wanna earn money for free and get that money credited to your PayPal account, this is what almost everyone dreams of, but is it possible to earn free PayPal money without doing a lot of work. Heck Yes, this is possible and you can make a good amount of money in just very little time.

If you are not from a place like North Korea and have access to the internet then you are very lucky, because you can easily make a few dollars in the next 10 minutes.

Getting money for free sounds weird, but you can indeed earn a decent amount of money in just a very small period of time, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do any work and money will be credited into your PayPal account. You have to put a little bit of effort from your side to see money floating into your account and sometimes you will be get paid for doing activities you do normally on your smart devices.

To know about the real ways to earn free PayPal money you have to stick with this article till last,

So without any other word Let’s Start.

1. Branded Surveys – Get paid for sharing your Opinion

Branded Surveys is a website that pays you for Your Opinion about a product or a service. Formerly known as MintVine, it pays its members for taking online surveys. There are a wide variety of topics to take surveys on as it pairs with marketing agencies, firms, and also with Fortune 500 companies.

Brandes Surveys UI is very simple and easy to use, as you visit for the first time you need to sign up with your email id or you can just use your Facebook account. After you Sign Up and complete your profile survey (which just means completing your profile) you will get a signup bonus of 100 points (worth $1).

Branded Surveys Logo - Get paid for sharing your opinion.



  • Get 100 points for signing up and completing the Profile survey.
  •  Clean and Simple User Interface.
  •  Lots of Survey Opportunities.
  •  Earn Bonus Points.
  •  $5 minimum payout.

After signing up you just need to answer some demographic questions and you are ready to take the survey and make money. The best part of Branded Surveys is that there is no need to wait for account approval. Branded Surveys algorithmically choose you for qualified surveys, it also saves lots of time.

The best part of Branded Surveys is if you got selected in a survey and then it seems if you are not fit for that specific survey they simply reward you with points for your time after asking you a couple of questions. Once you reached 500 points ($5, minimum payout) your money will be credited to your PayPal account.

2. User Testing – Get paid for testing websites and apps.

User Testing is a platform that pays you for testing websites and apps. It’s just like a paid Focus group but usually held online. User Testing gives companies detailed insights about their product and service, which means how their audience interact and react to their products.

Founded in 2007 User Testing got lots of impressions and companies like Samsung, Domino’s, and Walmart already worked with this platform to gain access to some unknown words about their Products and Services.

User Testing - EArn PayPal money for testing websites and apps.



  • Free Signup but need to pass a test.
  • You need to be 18 or more
  • Typically pay you $10 for a successful test.
  • Money fluctuates in your account after 7 days from the test.
  • Must have a laptop or pc with microphone enabled.

For making money with user testing you need to first Sign Up with your email to user testing. Just after entering your email, you get a verification email to verify your email address. After verifying your email address you are redirected to a video, which is basically about how it works. After that, it automatically shows you, what the next step. When you finish its steps successfully you have to record a sample test video (using the Screen Share option) and upload that to user testing.

It will take 48 hours to verify, and after 48 hours you will get an email stating if you are selected or not. If you got selected then you have to complete your Profile (including, username, password, and PayPal email address) to get paid for tests.

3. Swagbucks – Get paid for taking online surveys

Swagbucks, an online reward platform with more than 20 million registered users, who are making money by Playing Games, Watching Videos, and Taking Online Surveys. It is one of the most popular survey sites in the world that paid out more than $550 million in cash and Gift Cards. As Swagbucks mentions, it gives out 7,000 gift cards every day

So, if you wanna earn a bit of cash in just very little time you definitely need to register on Swagbucks.

Swagbucks - Get paid for taking online surveys.



  • Sign Up free and start earning.
  • Also, have a mobile app with a clean interface.
  • Earn points in real-time of your activity.
  • Variety of ways to earn.
  • Some best earning opportunities require premium sign-up.

As you signup with Swagbucks, you can start earning with some basic question surveys, and with you can earn 2 points for every 10 question you answers. There are many other ways to earn Swagbucks points like Watching Videos, Searching the Web, Playing Games, Referring friends, Shopping, and a lot more.

Finally, after earning the points you can redeem those points into PayPal cash or in gift cards. But the most popular way is PayPal cash and if you want so, you need a minimum of $10 means 1000 SB ($1= 100 SB) to get credited into your PayPal account.

4. Life Points

Life Points is another great option for earning PayPal money instantly. It is an online survey site that pays you for taking online surveys, Testing Products and doing data entry works. Life points is actually a merge of two surveys Platforms My survey and Light speed.

For getting started with Life points you just need to create an account and that’s very simple. The only restriction for making money with Life Points is age means you must be at least 16 years old. If you are 16 or more, then no matter from which country or region you are, you can join and earn Life Points.

Life Points - Earn Points and redeem PayPal cash.



  • Earn 20 points for just Signing up and Completing your Profile.
  • You need to be at least 16 yrs.
  • 550 points are needed for $5 gift cards.
  • Also, have a mobile app but not good at all.
  • Points will expire after 3 years and also after 1 year of inactivity.
  • No need to wait for account approval.

After signing up, you can start earning life points by taking simple surveys. One of the best part of the life points is, The average length of a survey is 10 minutes and it rewards you between 20 – 100 points. As soon as you start earning you can easily redeem your first reward for $5 (550 points).

Earning life points is not limited to surveys, you can also earn by Tracking Data Entry behaviors and Testing products. After you earn some points you can also donate them to charities and if you want to redeem PayPal vouchers you need a minimum of 1200 points worth $10 and that’s not hard to get. SignUp with Life Points and start earning.

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, as its name sounds it is a survey site that pays you for taking online surveys. But it’s not like other survey sites it is very simple to use and before you click to start any survey its shows you how much time it takes and how many points you will be rewarded for that specific survey.

But from my point of view, it’s worth your time. If you are just starting with these types of sites, first you need to check out Survey junkie.

Survey junkie- Get paid for participating in online surveys.



  • Free to signup but ask for some more information.
  • Earn bonus points for completing your profile.
  • Points will expire after 12 months of inactivity.
  • One point is equal to one cent.
  • Earn more by installing Survey junkie plus browser extension.

To get started with survey junkie you need to signup and it’s also simple. You asked for a bit more info than any other similar site like Name, Email, Country, Zip code, D.O.B., and Gender. After you signup with Survey Junkie, you see your dashboard mentioning your lifetime earning and quick start checklist. After you start completing it you will be rewarded as points like Confirming your email address reward you 25 points, and completing your profile rewards you 50 points.

As soon as you completer these steps, you can take surveys and earn points, and in Survey junkie one point is equal to one cent. If you wanna redeem your points into cash you need a minimum of 1000 points worth $10 to redeem into PayPal. You can also redeem points into gift cards to some biggest retailers like Starbucks and Walmart.

6. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a platform that pays its users for taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, playing games, and many more. It is one of the popular survey sites with millions of users, get paid over 80 Million dollars in cash. In simple words, Inbox dollar is good for saving and earning more money doing your regular work.

Not only my words, but it’s also hard to make a decent amount of money through Inbox dollars. Although it is a legit company founded in 2000 working under Prodege. There are a few points that make it better than others like it has a variety of options for making money and giving a $5 bonus to New users.

Inbox Dollars - Earn PayPal money fast



  • Easy Signup but only U.S people are allowed.
  • $5 signup bonus.
  • $30 minimum payout with a 10% processing fee.
  • Variety of options to earn cash.
  • Best offers require purchases.

To start making money with inbox dollars, you need to signup by just entering your email address and a password. After you signup, you get to fill a demographic survey, which takes normally 10 minutes and rewards you $0.50. But for your information, you can’t cash out your $5.50 immediately, because the minimum payout threshold is $30, which is quite high than other similar sites. After all, it’s your choice to go with this or not, but from my point of view, it’s worth trying out.

7. ZoomBucks

Zoombucks is an online platform that pays you for taking online actions like Watching videos, Taking Surveys, Downloading Apps, and more. It started in 2010 and is one of the best Paying Survey sites with very little amount. Likely other above-mentioned sites, it also not going to make you rich or replace your full-time job. But it is still good for students who wanna earn some PayPal money quickly.

Zoombucks - Earn PayPal money for doing online tasks.



  • $1 for completing your Profile.
  • Not a lot of options for earning.
  • Very simple signup process.
  • $3 minimum payout (via PayPal), and $10 minimum payout (as gift cards).
  • Earn $0.50 for referring a single person.
  • Payment processed in under 3 days.

So, getting started with Zoombucks you need to signup here, and the signup process is very simple. After you signup, you can quickly earn $1 by completing your profile, it’s that simple. Then you can start taking surveys and earning points. Like most other similar platforms it will pay you 10 dollars for every 10000 points. But it’s not hard to get because in Zoombuck you can earn up to $15 per survey and literally that sounds crazy.

8. Grab Points

Grab Points is also an online reward platform that pays you for doing various online activities like Taking Surveys, Watching Videos, and doing simple tasks. Basically, it is from the network of Reward Holdings from where Zoombucks is. So, it is a sister site of Zoombucks and you can do similar activities on Grab points like Zoombucks. But it has one of the fastest payout systems out there (under 48 hours). But like other sites, you don’t have various options for earning points.

Grab Points - Take Survey and Earn Paypal Money instatly.



  • Get 100 points for signing up and completing the Profile survey.
  •  Clean and Simple User Interface.
  •  Lots of Survey Opportunities.
  •  Earn Bonus Points.
  •  $5 minimum payout.

As above mentioned you can simply create your account like Zoombucks and start earning points. It also pays you $1 for completing your profile. It has about 5 million users worldwide. You can easily earn $8 – $10 per day from Grab points. Some people say that they earn a whopping $400 in just a month.

On GrabPoits minimum withdrawal amount is $3 via PayPal and this amount can be earned in under 1 hour. But giving it only 1 hour a day for a month you can pull out about $100 easily. So, without thinking off Signup today.

9. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a platform that rewards you for doing certain online activities like watching videos, Taking Surveys, Completing daily tasks, Searching Web and also Signing up for Newsletters. It is one of the fastest-growing sites in the field of quick money-making platforms, as it rewards you for doing such tasks.

Prize Rebel is started in 2007 and continuously growing its user base with currently more than 6 million users from different parts of the world. As it paid over $20 million to its users since its launch.

Prize Rebel - Earn easy PayPal money.



  • Free to use and clean interface.
  • You need to be 18, if not, you need your parent’s consent.
  • Instant Payout (Gold & Platinum members) otherwise take 24 hours.
  • 30% commission for referring a friend.
  • $5 minimum payout (via PayPal, Gift cards, or Bank transfer).

To earn money from Prize Rebel, you need to sign up and then start completing tasks. After you signup, you can start earning points by completing tasks and in Prize Rebel 1 point equals $0.01, and as soon you complete $5 in your account you can redeem your money via PayPal or direct bank transfer, and literally, you can transfer your money instantly if you are in gold or Platinum tier otherwise it may take up to 24 hours.

If you wanna earn more points without doing so much you can refer your friends to Prize Rebel and Prize Rebel reards you 30% points of your friends’ total earned points and that’s a nice deal for automating your money. If you ask my view about this then it’s worth checking out. Visit

10. Sweat Coin – Get Paid to Walk

Sweat coin is a free-to-use app and it pays SWC (its own currency) for walking. This means if you take steps you can earn SWC’s and redeem that coins into gift cards or vouchers. Sweat Coin is a U.K.-based app that pays you for stepping out. It is one of the best ways to get fit and earn coins and from hat coins, you can purchase services from Sweat coins and also donate to a charity.

Sweat Coin Get Paid to walk



  • Free to set up and easy to start earning.
  • Transfer your SWC’s to other users.
  • .95 SWC’s for completing Signup (equals to 1000 steps).
  • Earn more by claiming daily bonuses.
  • Charge a 5% commission on SWC’s you earned.
  • Your SWC’s never expire (it’s good).

Signup on Sweat coin is very simple and quick, you only need to download their app and it will automatically walk you through the signup process. After completing signup you will be rewarded .95SWC’s which is equal to 1000 steps, and that’s crazy.

If you want to earn more SWC’s you definitely need to claim your daily bonuses. But there are also other ways to earn more like turning off your battery saver, and upgrading your account leads to more SWC’s. You can also earn 5 SWC’s for every friend you refer.

11. Ibotta – Earn Cashback on Online Shopping

Ibotta is a cashback platform that gives you cash back’s on your everyday purchases over 300 in-store and 500 online retailers. It is a very simple to use cashback platform from where you can get cashback on things like Groceries, Pet ingredients, home tools, and so on. If you are anyone who regularly purchases items like food and clothes, then you can save a lot of money using Ibotta because almost popular merchants are its partners like Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Uber. So, for earning with Ibotta it doesn’t matter who you are, If you are a buyer then there is something for you on Ibotta. Earn Cashack on Online Shopping



  • Ibotta is 100% free to use.
  • You don’t have to link your cards.
  • The minimum payout threshold is $20.
  • Earn $5 on your first purchase.
  • Cashbacks are available on almost every national retailer.

Before you go crazy, you need to sign up on Ibotta, and this is very simple. It just asks for your basic details like email, Name, Age, Gender, D.O.B., and Zip Code. To let Ibotta help you save more money, you need to install the App and its browser extension.

There are various ways you can save money using Ibotta like connecting your Loyalty Points, Earning In-Store, and Paying with Ibotta Gift Cards. The best way of earning through Ibotta, you must purchase goods through their App or using their extension. And, One of the best parts of Ibotta is, that you don’t have to link your cards with Ibotta. So, Start getting Cashbacks.

12. Dosh – Earn Cashback Using Your Credit Card.

Dosh is a Simple cashback Platform that helps you save money when you make a purchase at their partner merchants using your Credit Card. It is one of the easy-to-use cashback apps that pay your cashback without letting you know when you shopping.

so, If you wanna earn some easy cashback, you just need to download the Dosh App and link your Credit Card, and you are ready to go. After this, you just need to start shopping and cashback is automatically added to your Dosh wallet.

Dosh - Earn Cashback using your credit cards.



  • It is free to use and totally Safe.
  • Simple and Automated Process.
  • The minimum payout is $25.
  • Dosh is only available in the U.S.
  • $5 bonus for linking your Credit Card.

As soon as you signup on dosh and link your card, $5 is instantly credited to your Dosh Wallet. But there are also some other ways to earn using Dosh like Travel cashback and Referring a friend to dosh. Dosh only pays you cashback when you purchase from their partners like Walmart and Nike. Once you have reached $25 in your Dosh wallet you can cash out your money simply by using PayPal. Download Dosh App.

13. Rakuten – Shopping Cashbacks made Easy.

Rakuten is a cashback site formerly known as Ebates, which helps you save more money on your everyday purchases. Even you can earn up to 40% in form of cashback as it partnered with more than 2500 retailers and also recently partnered with Expedia to give you cashback on your flight deals.

If you are thinking of signing up for Rakuten then it is very very simple and yeah, Absolutely Free (No hidden fees). Even though New users can instantly earn $10 just by signing up and $25 for referring a friend (when he/she makes a purchase), and it does not stop here, you can also get a $5 reward if your referred friend makes a purchase of $25 or more through Rakuten.

Rakuten - Get cashbak on everyday purchases



  • It is free and also free from any charges.
  • Instant $10 for Signing Up.
  • Get $25 for referring your friend.
  • Earn $5 from your referred friend if he makes a purchase of $25 or more.
  • Also, get cashback on your flight ticket purchases.

After you complete your signup and claimed your $10 bonus you can start purchasing your goods through Rakuten. You can also use its chrome extension for more convenience. No matter what you want to purchase, Rakuten always has something for you. As it partnered with almost every popular retailer like Target, Walmart, Expedia, Sephora, Nike, eBay, Best Buy, and thousands more. So, Don’t forget to purchase your next item through Rakuten.

14. BeFrugal – Get Cashback on daily shopping and $10 for each referral.

BeFrugal is a site that allows you to get cashback on your everyday purchases. Not only this it also allows you to save with their in-store coupons to thousands of their partnered retailers. It is also one of the best cashback sites out there that offers you to earn cashback from more than 5000 retailers (includes Target, Nike, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s) with a maximum cashback of 40%.

The reason that put BeFrugal on this list is that it has a Fly or Drive calculator which measures the most cost-effective way of traveling. It also has an Electric Car calculator that tells you which one you should buy with no compromises with feature and also save you a lot of money.

Be Frugal - Get cashback on shopping



  • Earn Cashbacks on your daily purchases.
  • Up to 40% cashback from partnered retailers.
  • $10 instant Signup bonus.
  • No Cashback is available for in-store purchases.
  • More than 5000 retailers and it is available worldwide.

Getting started with BeFrugal is the same as elsewhere, you only need to put your email address and create a password and Done. You can now start earning Cashback. But one of the best things about BeFrugal is that it offers a $10 Signup bonus to its new users, and if you share your referral link with your friend then both of you get a $10 bonus.

For earning cashback you need to purchase through BeFrugal’s site and if it bothers you then you can install its browser extension for alerts. For getting the best deals you can browse their Hot Deals section for a greater cashback.

As soon as you complete $25 in your account you can cash out via various methods like PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, or in form of Gift Cards.

15. Sofi Money

Sofi Money is a Cash Management app that allows you to manage your cash with no overall fees and charges. Launched in 2011 by Stanford Business School Students is a nonbank financial service provided known for student loan refinance services but offers similar features as saving and checking accounts.

Sofi Money - earn SignUp bonus



  • Interests rates are high than average.
  • No fees and charges for maintaining the account.
  • Up to $100 bonus (based on specific requirements).
  • Free ATM access over more than 55,000 ATMs.
  • $500 monthly deposits required for earning interests.

As you know Sofi is a financial service with almost zero fees and charges, it offers a lot of services like Paying bills, investing through the Sofi Money App, creating a budget, Checking your credit score, Free ATM cash withdrawals via all points network, and many more. It also offers its own debit card for cash withdrawals and availing cashback offers.

But the best feature of the Sofi Money app is when you download the App and open a new account you get 155 points (worth $15) into your account which is also redeemable for cash. You can also easily transfer your $15 into your Sofi Invest account for investing in Cryptos or Stocks.

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