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10 In-Demand High-Income Skills To Learn Online In 2022 (With Resources).

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Skill is a simple-looking word with a very deep meaning and it takes a lot of courage to understand and adopt it properly because not all skills give you the money you want. If you ask a college student or teen what they want to be in the future, many of them say like a doctor, businessman, lawyer, or something like that, but is it worth it? Meanwhile, it pays off the most but requires a lot of money, time, and effort to experience its warmth.

And, here’s why many of you fall asleep, so, is there any other method or skill that pays your desired capital, and I say absolutely yes. In this digital world, you can learn a set of skills online that pays you the most without jolting your time and pocket.

Take a look at a list of 12 high-income skills I’ve chosen that you can learn online, and almost all of them are capable of earning you a 6-figure salary.

So, without wasting my words, let’s get into its depth.

1. Digital Marketing

Advertisements of some biggest brands on the side wall of a building

Digital Marketing is a way of reaching potential customers and telling them about your products using the Internet via Social Media, Email, Search Engines, and other online methods. It plays the most important role in succeeding a business because you can target specific segments of people who somehow have an interest in your product or service and likely going to purchase it.

In this virtual world, more and more people spend their time consuming online content through different platforms like Search Engines and Social Media. In fact more than 6 billion people today are accessing the Internet for more trustworthy information about any goods or services. As rapidly Digital Marketing evolved, it soon outcompete the traditional ways of Advertising or reaching a customer like T.V ads, Newspapers, or street Banners, and the role of a Digital Marketer is going to be like the heart of the body.

Looking ahead this is going to be more crucial for any business to sell their product and companies are also seeking an experienced Digital Marketer for better leads. So, learning this skill definitely creates a better and hard paying opportunity for you.


Digital Marketing is one of the most profitable and lucrative skills you can learn online.

  • Global spending on Digital Advertising crosses over $585 billion in 2022.
  • It is one of the fastest-growing fields among every type of Business.
  • As a digital marketer, you can specify your audience and target them based on their interest.
  • On average, a company spends almost 50% of its budget on marketing.
  • It is more cost-effective than any traditional marketing method.

Earning & Growth Potential

The average earning of a digital marketer in the United States is around $90k per year, but if you find an opportunity to work with companies like Meta and Accenture then you can make more than $125k per year.

But if you are worried about its future, then undoubtedly it’s gonna rule the market in terms of lead generation because there are lots of marketing methods, you can use to advertise your product like Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and a lot more.

Resources & Quick Links

For getting started with Digital Marketing you need to first learn its Fundamentals and basics. Consider these platforms for free certification.




2. Copywriting

A Girl learning copy writing skill

Copywriting is the art of expressing your word in form of text for the purpose of advertising or online marketing that finally leads to selling the products. It is one of the most powerful tactics of marketing because your copy lets people Know, Think, Respond, and also helps them learn more about what you are trying to sell.

If you wanna grab people’s attention you need to learn copywriting because nowadays almost every field of work requires this skill. Other or Unless you are not able to write a compelling copy that sells, you are missing a huge opportunity of making gold.

Acquiring Copywriting skills is quite time taking, but it is not as hard as it sounds. Not more than that it’s worth your time and effort because it works as an asset, Every time you need to share your word it pays off your effort. But you need to have some additional skills like Grammar, Paraphrasing, Communication, Understanding Audience behavior, and most important Time management.


If you look at the world’s top marketers you find that they are also the best copywriter because copywriting works as an asset if you are in the field of marketing.

  • Copywriting is like the root of selling a product or service.
  • Copywriting is time taking but worthy.

Earning & Growth Potential

If you are a professional copywriter then you can earn anywhere between $65,000 – $150,000 per year in the United States. But talking about its Future scope and growth potential, then it’s not gonna go anywhere because everyone wants to read the details, and without words, no one can sell anything.

Resources & Quick Links

You can master Copywriting skills online, and here are some of them from where I recommend.




3. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is the art of representing an idea in form of visual content using Colors, Images, Text, and Animations. It is basically a collection and arrangement of various elements into an eyecatching graphic that tends to attract people’s attention and convey a message.

More than that it allows you to convey a message without saying any word, and learning this art is a great choice if you wanna grab people’s attention. By learning this skill you’ll understand the basics of how to make things more attractive.

But if I talk from your point of view, As a Graphic designer you are responsible for presenting your business in front of people, conveying messages to the people about your business, and also strengthening your brand’s visual identity. A graphic designer’s works become more important because every Logo, Banners, Advertisements, Social Media Content, and lots more visual content you have ever seen are created by them and all these can directly affect a business presence.


Through Graphic designing, a company can increase its brand awareness, drive Conversions, create marketing suits, and many more.

  • Graphic designs are critical for marketing and sales.
  • A small business spends more than $500 on its brand logo.
  • It’s become critical when 94% of first impressions are design-related.
  • More than 300k people in the U.S alone work as Graphic Designer.
  • More than 53% of Graphic designers are Female.
  • Graphic Design is a perfect fit for any type of business for selling its products.

Earning & Growth Potential

If you are thinking of becoming a professional in Graphic designing then it’s a straightforward career option because in the U.S. the average salary of a Graphic designer is $60,000 per year, and if you show some extra creativity you could earn up to $100,000 per year.

As per the IBISworld report, the global Graphic designer market size in 2022 is $43.4 bn, and the market size will grow by 3.7% in 2022. But if we talk about its last 5 years’ growth then this number is just 0.6% and undoubtedly this is one of the highest paying skills you wish to learn.

Resources & Quick Links

Graphic designing is one of the best skills you can learn to sell your creativity. But before you need to learn all the basics of graphic design and for this, you can surf out through one of these courses, which covers all the stuff required to make you a perfect Graphic Designer.




4. Software Development

Software development is a set of processes for creating computer software in which a coded program is conceptualized, designed, built, deployed, and tested to perform a specific task. It is primarily conducted by Developers, Programmers, and Software engineers, and combining them we say, they can build software using codes that instruct computers what to do.

Software Development is one of the most lucrative skills you can learn online because of its high demand and custom payout. Being a software developer you have a lot of opportunities to work, as you can work as a game developer, app developer, frontend, and backend developer, and many more of your choice.


Software Development is one of the best professions in the Technology field because of its liquidity and independence.

  • As per the survey, the Gaming industry is the top choice for any software developer.
  • Around 82% of the software developers are men.
  • Software Development is the 2nd best job in the Tech field.
  • Javascript is the most popular programming language among developers.
  • Most of the companies hire developers not based on their knowledge instead, they first see their willingness to learn, and technical skills.
  • Less than 45% of Software developers have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and the rest of them are self-taught.

Earning & Growth Potential

In a world full of Technology the role of software developers becomes more crucial and the payout of a software developer is relatively high. As per the U.S newsthe median salary of a software developer is $110,140 per year.

Software development is the 2nd best job in the field of Technology. Also, the Software developer has more opportunities to work in various industries like gaming, finance, technology, healthcare, and many more.

As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment growth for Software Developers between 2020 to 2030 is more than 22%, and estimated more than 400k jobs should open up.

Resources & Quick Links

There are many resources available on the internet that promises to make you a professional Software developer, but do they? I think not, so finding the correct option to go with is time taking. But for you, we have sorted out these top 3 courses which you can trust and take your first step forward towards your success.




5. Video Editing

Video editing is the process of rearranging different video shots using video editing software, which occurs between shooting and publishing to make the video meaningful and informative. It is not only limited to films or Advertisements because of the rapid growth of video-sharing platforms like Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

It is one of the basic skills that everyone must have because of the in-built video editing feature in smartphones and PCs. Just you need to do some hard work and spend some quality time with some pro video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro and you are ready to sell your skill at a high cost.

After the covid19 pandemic, going online becomes a craze among people, and this forces the business to create more online content, and videos play the biggest role in it. So, investing your time in learning this skill definitely pay you off.


Video editing is one of the easiest skills you can acquire, just in a week.

  • The median pay of a video editor is around $60,000 per year.
  • A freelance video editor earns more than an average video editor.
  • Getting a high-profile job as a video editor doesn’t require any cool degree.
  • Pro Video editing software makes video editing a fun work.

Earning & Growth Potential

Videos are leading online content publishing, and video editors are also in very high demand, and because of this the Average earning of a video editor is $45,000, but it varies based on the year of experience and your learning skill. Like some high profile, video editors earn more than $120,000 per year.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics overall employment of Video editors and camera operators is projected to grow 29% from 2020 to 2030, which is must faster than average.

But if you don’t wanna work under a company you can start freelancing as a video editor, and from freelancing you can easily make from anywhere between $50-$150 per hour but you have some great skill and experience.

Resources & Quick Links

Video editing is one of the finest skills everyone should be familiar with because selling this skill doesn’t require any degree and you can learn video editing online.




6. Data Analyst

A data analyst collects, cleans, organizes, processes, and reorder raw data in a synchronized pattern to gather useful and valuable information from it. In simple words, Data Analyst helps businesses to understand more about the customers, like what they want and how they interact with us using complex and raw data into meaningful insights.

If you are a college student then this is one of the best career options to pursue, if you enjoy solving tough tasks. Learning Data analytics skills is a nice turn towards tons of opportunities because a data analyst can work in many industries like Business, Finance, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Science, and a lot more. From a career point of view, this can be a creative, challenging, and rewarding career option.


If you are a creative thinker and enjoy solving problems then pursuing your career as a Data Analyst could be a good fit for you.

  • 85% of Data Analysts work full time.
  • MS Excel is the world’s most used tool for gathering data.
  • Math, Programming, Excel, Machine learning, Visualization, Database knowledge, Communication, Creative Thinking are some must-have skills for every Data Analyst.
  • Almost every industry needs Data Analysts for a better understanding of consumer behavior.

Earning & Growth Potential

Far from everything all comes after money, and if you are going to work as a Data Analyst, you might not wonder after knowing that the average median pay of a Data Analyst in the United States is around $44,500 per year, while the top Data Analyst earns around $77,000 per year (

Data analysts are in very high demand and according to the World Economic Forum, it is the 2nd fastest-growing job in the United States. And if we see the Bureau of Labour Law Statistics report, Operations research analyst positions are expected to grow by 25%, and market research analyst by 22% from 2020 to 2030.

Resources & Quick Links

Without being obsessed, you can learn data analytics online and some time for Free from numerous recognized sources like Harvard, edX, Udemy, Course Era, and Simplilearn. But for your best here are the 3 that I personally prefer.




7. Social Media Expert

Social media is like a home of young generations, because of its addictive nature and this helps it in becoming the most effective marketing tool for businesses of almost every type. Either way, a Social media specialist is responsible for creating and publishing content on social media platforms to grow companies’ audience base, build brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales.

Becoming a social media expert needs a variety of other skills like Copywriting, Marketing, Analytics, designing, communication, and more and this makes social media a go-to platform for marketing. But you can choose your specific role if you don’t wanna mess with these other skills, but having both soft and hard skills helps you in making your ride easy.

Overall social media specialists have a variety of soft skills and they can use them in making strategies, understanding trends and people’s desires, planning content, and experimenting with all other measures.


Social Media is the most challenging place to reach the target audience because of its freshness, and trendy mood.

  • More than 50% of the world’s population uses Social Media daily.
  • Almost 85% of people from 18-29 are active social media users.
  • Around 70% of markets use social media to build their brand awareness.
  • The Average ROI of marketing on Social media is 578%.
  • Facebook is the world’s most used Social media platform.
  • On Average, an active user spends around 2.5 hrs per day on social media.
  • Short-form video is the most prominent type of content on Social Media.
  • 54% of social browsers use Social media to research products.

Earning & Growth Potential

Squeezing all the skills a social media specialist has, they become more valuable and this leads to a high-profile job. On average social Media specialist salary is around $48,000 per year and can rise to $66,000 (Glassdoor).

More than average if you become more experienced and follow your role to Social Media Manager you can expect between $63,000 to $97,000 per year. But all the measures above may vary based on your expertise, experience, role, market size, company size, requirements, target audience, and company’s goal (and this rule follows every type of work whether it’s digital or physical).

Resources & Quick Links

Social Media is an endless way, and no one is going to be perfect in this field but it doesn’t mean it is unpredictable. So, here are some top educators you can learn from.




8. UX Design

Ux design is all about providing the overall best experience to the customer with your product or service, as soon as they start interacting with it (like making products usability, accessibility, and interaction better).

User Experience Design is an extremely vast, and fascinating field, and pursuing a career in it requires a highly diverse skill set.

Being a UX designer your role is going to be super important because the overall base of a customer desire is upon you, and for this you to structure your workflow. First, you have to research about the targeted audience and the market, then you have to design that idea based on the user taste (like its functionality, usability, and its look), and then comes testing your concept with a/b testing or remote testing and finally implementing your design into the real world, that end-users experience.


User Experience design is all about how seamlessly an end-user interacts with your product or service (from seeing your Ads to Paying you for your Shit).

  • Don Norman is the first person who has UX in his job title.
  • Some must-have qualities of a UX designer are the ability to think dynamically, Problem-solving and communicating skills, having an interest in technology, and also some handful of experience in mapping user satisfaction.
  • Better UX would yield up conversion rates to 400%.
  • A single dollar investment made on UX design has an ROI of 9900%.
  • 8 out of 10 people are willing to pay more if they had a better user experience.

Earning & Growth Potential

As above mentioned UX design is a very challenging and multifaceted field, not only that it is also financially rewarding.
According to Glassdoor the average salary of a UX designer in the United States is $97,460 per year, but it varies depending on your location, your company, or your seniority of the role.

UX design is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States and it ranks #14 when it comes to salary with the highest payment amount is around $138,000 per year with a growth rate of 18%.

Resources & Quick Links

Learning UX design today is a great choice because it is the first step towards customer acquisition, and you can master it online with the help of some top educators like Google, and LinkedIn.




9. Public Speaking

The ability to communicate with an audience and keep them engaged with your words is known as public speaking skill. Public Speaking is one of the most valuable skills you can master because it is one of the most dreaded forms of communication, not only that it can also help you succeed in both personal and business worlds.

Public speaking is a soft skill and it comes into play in many places like delivering a speech on an occasion or commercial event, representing yourself in a meeting, conveying a message among the live audience, defining your product as a sales executive, and so on.

Getting over it, Public Speaking skills can help you in many ways like Career Advancement, Building Confidence, Personal Development, Becoming a better listener, and also improving your communication skill, and even a lot more.


Public speaking is a fascinating work, just you need to get rid of your fear.

  • Public speaking is one of the biggest fear of people (almost 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety).
  • Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” is the most famous speech of all time.
  • On average a best-seller author makes around $30,000 per talk.
  • You have only seven seconds to make your first impression when you are addressing a large audience.
  • The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus found that when people are speaking, approximately 7% of the message comes from the words, 36% of the message comes from your voice and 57% of the message comes from your nonverbal communication.
  • Including stories and emotions in your speech can increase your retention rate to 70%-75%.
  • More than your words people are noticing your physical activity during a speech, so maintaining it is crucial.

Earning & Growth Potential

Public Speaking is nowadays booming in every field of work, and it is also one of the top-paying jobs in the United States. The average payout of a Public Speaker in the United States is $105,037 and if you have a good voice with some emotion and experience then you can earn around $120,000 per year, and that’s a decent amount of money.

As you know this is one of the biggest fear among people, and this is the best opportunity to develop your speaking skills and put yourself in front of people that also help you in getting hired by someone. By the way, if you enjoy getting in front of a crowd and addressing them you can go with these top 7 career options as Public Speaker mentioned in Business Insider.

But if you are not interested in getting hired and wanna be a self-sufficient speaker then you can charge much higher based on your expertise and year of experience. For more accurate pricing about how much you can charge for a single speech, you must read this.

Resources & Quick Links

Public Speaking is one of the most important skills you can learn in just a month but you need to find places where you can learn it from beginner level, and we have done this for you, just you have to visit there and start learning.




10. Finance Planning

In Simple words, a Finance Planner guides individuals in managing their personal finances and helping them in achieving their financial goals. In other words, they seek to monitor your current financial situation, understand what you want to do or get, create a plan based on your income and expenses, and finally help you get there.

Finance is a broad field and it covers all areas related to money but getting to the point, being a Financial planner you have to deal with matters like saving for retirement or further study, Budgeting, Expenses controlling guidance, borrowing or lending, and also investing.

Acquiring this skill leads to getting some good money-making opportunities but you need to have some additional skills like communication and interpersonal skill, problem-solving skill, Organizing skills, and presentation and negotiation skill.


  • You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to be a Finance Planner but having an MBA degree helps you get your desired work much faster.
  • Most personal Finance Advisor work in the Finance or Insurance industry or are self-employed.
  • A financial planner can earn more if he/she works for their own firm rather than working for a Unicorn company.

Earning & Growth Potential

The average base salary of a Financial Planner in the United States is $68,532 per year (according to Glassdoor), and if I talk about certified and experienced Financial Planners then the payout might jump to $112,000 per year. But if you gonna work for a large investment firm or insurance company then your payout may be lower than working for your own firm.

Looking towards the future, it seems bright for Financial Planner. According to the Bureau of Labour Law Statistics, Financial Planning Jobs which is a subset of Financial Advising Jobs are expected to grow by 15% by 2026.

Resources & Quick Links

Earning Money is easy but managing it right is a tough task and somehow if it has been done in the wrong way, then despite having the money you have to face a very bad situation. So, You need to learn some basics and fundamental concepts of money management. Check out one of them.




What’s Next,

Above you saw the top 10 high-paying skills list that is in in-demand in 2022 but how you can take benefit from this. But more importantly, what does this mean to you? And if you are ready to improve and prove yourself you have to follow the basic rule of Learning.

Get these steps into action to get most out of your Skills.

Meanwhile, if you can’t determine your needs and just wanna start from scratch you can follow these steps to expand your knowledge store, and take benefit from that.

Define Your Expertise

It’sIt’s meaningless if you just start learning all these skills today, thinking of mastering all the fields then trust me, you are like finding oceans on the moon.
So first, you need to look inside yourself and try to find if you have any knowledge about any of these skills or just some sweet experience (Like you have cut out unusual scenes from your self-recorded video, or you have saved some money when you moved out for shopping, more important did you feel happy after doing that). This really helps you in getting started with that specific skill.

Because having a clear-cut idea about anything helps you get your result much faster. Otherwise, it’s all fine if you can just start with any of these because everything happens the first time.

Find your Interest

After you have selected your way to go, you need to find your interest. This means, you have to ask yourself, are you enjoying learning that skill or do you get bored just after a while? This helps you in getting you fit with your perfect combo. Like Someone has an interest in talking with people, then they can go with Public Speaking skills. But if you haven’t any interest in the above-listed skills then it’s absolutely fine but it can take more time to acquire any skill.

Start Learning as quick as Possible.

After you have found your interest and are ready to go then go now, there is no perfect time to learn anything, just start learning as quickly as possible. You may have heard that taking the first step is the most difficult, and that’s absolutely correct. So start learning today.

Don’t stick with free Resources.

If you are determined to learn and develop your skill then follow this advice. You don’t have to stick with free resources, Prefer to spend some bucks on Courses, and Equipment. And I am damn sure that this is the best investment of your life and why I am saying this is almost all of you know. (No one cares about free things)

Find Jobs based on your Knowledge and Experience.

All of the above points are useless until you have a good job based on your skill. But listen, no one going to point out you from your home if you just learned that skill and sitting at home, thinking of one day a manager of a big company come and hire me. So, you need to find your job on your own and for this, you can submit your resume on sites like IndeedFlexJobsMonster, or LinkedIn. These are not over because there are hundreds of job search sites, but these are the most prominent ones.

Continue Upgrading your Knowledge.

As it said, “Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world”, So never stop learning. Improvement is in human nature and you are so, and this will increase your growth rate helps you in staying humble, you also become happier, and more than that you can lead the whole team with your knowledge.

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